Donatinos are accepted!! Cash donation bearing the inscription of Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Fanklin, and Alexander Hamilton are preferred. is my own little chunk of the world wide web. My name is Dwiggins, no not on my birth certificate but it's what everyone calls me. The origin of this name dates back to the good old days of the early 1990's. This was a time of great excitement in Chicago about the greatest sport around, basketball. Guided by the greatest player in the game the Bulls were the best team. As many young guys would do at that time, my brothers and I would follow the games. Sometimes there would be a commercial on the radio during the games for Ed Dwiggins paint. Since my given name is Edward my brother started calling me Ed Dwiggins which was then shortened to dwiggins and sometimes to dwiggs.

If you think that this is a strange name I am sure I think the same about you and don't tell that to my second and third in command. One of them is with me in the picture above and they are known to be killers, quite literally. I am sure that if the need arose that they would be happy to add a two legged species to their meal.

If you find a picture of yourself that you believe should not be there I suggest that you deal with my second and third in charge as they take care of those sorts of matters. If your request should be worthy it will be acted upon but if not it will be forever laughed at and riduculed. It would help to bribe the second and third in command with a large juicy bone. We are not talking about some sort of wimpy bone we are talking about a Alaskan size bone. You can reach the second and third in command at If you beileve that you have a picture that would be of value you can go through the same procedure.